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Traded Part 2 by Unknown

Jeff stood at the front door waiting for his daughter Cindy to come down from her bedroom. Nervously he straightened his tie and checked his finger nails, tonight was going to be a big night for him and he wanted everything to be perfect as possible.

Hearing his daughter's approach, he could not help but cast a proud gaze upon the treasure of his life. Smiling broadly at her, he could not help but wonder at how fast she was growing up, although she was only twelve, she gave more than a hint of the effect should would have upon men when she was fully developed. Her face was her most striking feature, with large mysterious eyes, a classic nose and chin, a smile that could launch a thousand ships and pale almost translucent skin tones that hinted at an erotic nature,...all capped off by long blond tresses, that shinned like gold!

Anxiously he checked his watch, "It's almost seven o'clock hon, time to get going, we don't want to be late,... do we?"

Cindy was feeling very nervous herself, but for very different reasons,...she knew where they were going tonight and despite her pleas,... she had beg for him to cancel,...nothing was going to dissuade her daddy.

Jeff had shared with his pre-teen daughter the photos and letters he had received from his new "friends". After months of exchanging pictures and views on "children's rights", he had been invited to join the membership of this very exclusive group. Of course to participate he had to include his daughter,.... no adult could join without bringing along a child member too.

The participants, some of whom were prominent members of the community, shared a common view,....that children had an absolute right to express their sexuality the same as adults and to have the freedom to engage in sexual activity as they saw fit, with whom they saw fit.

"Children take to sex like a duck takes to water," he had been instructed. It was not engaging in sex, that was damaging to children, but the stigma that was attached to it by closed minded adults who considered the natural functions of the human body to be somehow dirty or perverted.

Jeff considered the sex he had engaged in with his little girl to be the purest most loving sex he had ever had. "She", was not trading sex for a relationship, as a lever to induce marriage, nor in exchange for expensive gifts, but out of a true love for him!

Children were too innocent to play the games that adults often did, trading sex for their own gain, or their own pleasure. Jeff knew that Cindy came to his bed for one reason and one reason only,...LOVE!!!

But lately Jeff desired more, every time he saw a pretty young girl, he wondered what she would feel like in his arms. He could imagine the experience of undressing her for the first time, seeing first hand the wonder of exploring her young untried body, he tried to speculate what her mouth would taste like,....or her pussy! Now he was willing to use his very own child to gain access to "other" children, particularly after he had been told about all the things that went on at the monthly get togethers.

Jeff wanted to experience the feel and touch of these other little girls, young females who liked sex with men and wanted to be played with, have their little-girl pussys caressed and toyed with. He could not imagine that there was anything more exciting then a coy ten year old girl dying to show off her tiny cunt, or dropping to her knees and allowing a big fat cock to be placed in her willing mouth!

His smile fading after he saw the expression on Cindy's face, Jeff tried to get her mind off the subject of the trip so he asked her if she had dressed as he had requested. Cindy responded that she had. Jeff nodded, satisfied. He had asked her to put on a mini skirt, blouse and a special pair of panties for tonight. Nodding his head in her direction she shyly lifted her black skirt to her waist, showing them to him. They were a typical pair of girlish undies, white cotton with a pattern of pink bunnies and brown bears. They had been purchased when Cindy was only eight years old, and now at twelve, they barely fit, in fact they were so tight that they accentuated every crease and fold of her plump little sex mound.

"Did my princess take a nice bath and scrub her pee-pee hole like Daddy asked her to?"

Her eyes cast down, Cindy nodded her head yes, as she lowered her mini-skirt and waited for her Daddy to open the door.

Cindy did not know what to do, she loved her Daddy, so much! She would do anything for him. But ever since that man and his slutty daughter had come over to visit several weeks ago her Dad had talked about nothing except this "club" he wanted them to join.

Cindy could still remember, as though it was yesterday, they way Mr. Roger and his little girl Beth had come over to their house. She knew the moment she laid eyes on Beth that she was a little trashy girl-whore, who would try and seduce her father. Her heart almost broke when she saw that nasty child take her dad's cock out of his trousers and close her mouth over it, like a lollypop. That was HER daddy!

But she was more distressed to find that Beth's dad, John,... would use her dad's preoccupation with this slut of a girl to take advantage of her! As she had watched her father betray their love, she had suddenly grabbed by Jeff from behind and dragged off to an empty bedroom. Over powered and helpless, she could not stop him from pulling down her shorts and panties and separating her slim milk white thighs, exposing her tiny girlish cunny.

Cindy had almost died! She was a VIRGIN, even her dad had not violated her pussy hole, preferring to engage in oral sex and sometimes, when he was particularly horny,... anal sex. But never, NEVER had he put his penis inside her vagina, that was one step too far,.... an unspoken line that had not been broken until that day, when that strange man raped her.

John had rammed his cock inside her,... breaking her hymen, making her bleed all over the bed, uncaring and determined to conquer her. He had laughed when she cried out, this was after all, a triumph for him.

Daddy had not come to rescue her, instead he had let the ten-year old suck on his cock and then he had watched her tease him with her tender pussy, laying on the carpet, her legs spread lewdly apart, as she thrust her pelvis up at him in a imitation of a fucking motion. Smiling, she spread her tiny pussy lips showing her "pink", rubbing her small fingers in between her labia, grinning her permission for him to enter her under-developed hole,... whenever he wanted.

It was for Jeff,intoxicating, this youngster moving his hands all over her tender developing body, giving him free access to her most private places without any hesitation or shame. He ran his fingers between her puffy pink pussy lips, holding his breath as he allowed his middle finger to slide between them and gently enter her tiny hole, up to his knuckle. He half expected her to scream in protest, but she only smiled and told him how good it felt. He almost choked when she also told him she loved the feel of his cock in her hand, and she added that if he was not too rough she would let him PUT IT IN!!!

Approaching the front door, Jeff told his little girl that he was very proud of her and that she was going to be the prettiest girl at the party.

"I want to show you off," he told her, "so smile at everyone and do as your told, be a GOOD GIRL."

Entering the living room they were introduced around, at first it appeared to be a normal gathering, but a closer look revealed a group of middle aged men, together with a group of young girls aged seven to fourteen. Most of the girls wore somewhat provocative cloths to show them off. Tight tight shorts, ultra-mini skirts, see through blouses without benefit of bras and even one ten-year old wearing flannel pajamas.

But Beth's attention was draw to one particular guest, a women, holding a leash attached to two hauntingly beautiful, nine year old girls. The children, identical twins, were dressed in just plain white t-shirt's that hung down to mid-thigh, and a studded dog collar secured around their thin necks, to which the leash was attached.

It was obvious, just watching them for a moment that they had NO underpants on, so as they moved about a bare ass check would be exposed, and occasionally a teasing glimpse of their bare little pussy mounds.

As Cindy looked around the room their eyes met and it appeared that the women mentally locked in on her. The youngster could feel her skin crawl, this women was by far the strangest looking person there. but every time she look back in her direction, she observed that the women was still staring at her.

Jeff wrapped his arm protectively around his girl's shoulders as they entered, and it was not surprising that he too took note of the strange women. But it was not the severity of the women's look or the oddness of her make-up and hair, but rather it was the two little children she appeared to have rein over. They were breath- taking, these two,.... so young and innocent looking children. The two, so identical in every way, were so striking, it was a combination of their pale skin and waif-like look, their large haunting eyes and small innocent mouths. They had dainty figures,... they were so petite and delicate,...they looked as though they would break if handled too roughly.

Naked expect for their the undershirts, it was apparent that they were flat chested, tiny pale pink nipples that were barely raised away from their chests, where visible under the thin material. On closer inspection one could see on both girls, each and every rib,... they were so thin and drawn. Yet they each possessed a well rounded bottom that filled out the back side of their nighty- like t-shirts.

As Jeff and his daughter entered the living room, they were greeted by a tall thin mid-aged man with glasses.

"Hi, I'm Ron Steward, you much be Jeff and I bet this pretty little thing, is Cindy, I right?"

Smiling and thrusting his hand forward to shake that of the man before him, Jeff responded affirmatively, he realized that this was the individual with whom he had corresponded with and who had extended tonights invitation.

Looking down at Cindy, Ron apprised the shy girl. "Jeff, I suggest you get know the other guests here, ah....everyone in the house was ah,...that is,...similar interests,...if you know what I mean." Then looking at the little child intently, he became visible aroused, his penis tenting the front of his trousers. Placing his arm possessively around Cindy's shoulders he offered, "If you want I can show Cindy around the house."

Everything was happening so fast! Jeff did not know what to say. Cindy suddenly was holding his hand so tightly it hurt, but he knew that if he wanted to have access to these other delightful children, he would have to share has precious little girl with the others.

Just as he was going to stammer a reply he felt a light touch on his shoulder,.... startled he turned around to find himself face to face with the leather dressed women he had noticed entering the room. Jeff was surprised, first because she was almost as tall as he was, and second because she was the only women there, she appeared out of place, perhaps he figured she was the wife of one of the men.

"May I?" She asked, holding her hand out for Cindy's. Perhaps you would like to get better acquainted with my darling girl's?" She asked handing him a long leather leash attached to the necks of her twin children.

Relieved that a female would be taking charge of his child and not one of the men, who frankly all appeared to be a little too sweaty and somewhat unappealing. Jeff nodded his head yes and gave the women Cindy's hand, telling her to behave and do what she was told. Smiling the women led Cindy away, although Cindy was petrified and had to be almost dragged by the women. But at this point Jeff was not thinking of Cindy but the tiny petite girls looking up at him with a trusting sad expression.

Cindy was led down a hall through a door, down a flight a stairs into a tiny sterile room, devoid of windows, furnished only with a double bed, small night stand and a single light bulb handing from the ceiling on a long electric cord. As soon as they entered the room, the strange women turned and reached up near the top of the door to secure a lock place there to be accessible to an adult but far out of the reach of most children. Cindy realized it was to far above her head for her to reach almost immediately. She was trapped in this room with no way to get out.

The women stopped to pet Cindy's head. In a stern voice she addressed Cindy for the first time. "Your dad has TRADED you, given you to me, in return for my two girls,..for the evening,... do you understand?"

Silent, tears swelling up in her eyes, she nodded her head yes.

"Do what I tell you and we will get along just fine, I'm a stern parent but you will learn to love me, believe me you will,... so lets got going. Sit on the bed and look into my eyes, I want you to look pretty for the me, so stop crying." The women handed Cindy a tissue and pointed where she want the pre-teenager to sit.

In a demanding voice she spoke. "Look at the me sweets, that right, keep your eyes on right on mine, now open the front of your blouse, undue the buttons one at a time,...nice and slowly,... be pretty for the me,..good girl, pull the blouse open just a bit , so I can see your pretty training-bra.

Cindy trembled as she followed the instructions, her hands shook as she undid the tiny pearl buttons and then....finally pulled her blouse open as instructed.

"Very good!" Don't look at the floor, dammit, look at the me!" Now tell me your name Babycakes, say it nice and slowly, speak up so I can hear you."

In a timid voice. "I'm...I'm Cindy,....yes... Cindy."

Her voice hungry with desire and the need to control this child. "No! Its not Cindy stupid! Its Babycakes, just like I told you before, were not listening, now say I"m sorry!"

"I don't understand."

Cruelly she grabbed a handful of the little girl's golden locks....and yanked. Don't be so thick my little pet, from now on when you are in my presence you are "Babycakes" and you address me as MAMA,.... understand!"

Scared to death, her legs trembling and twitching, Cindy answered, "Ah,...ah... yes!"

WACK!!!! A slap across her startled face!!! "You did not say SORRY MAMA."

Cindy was shocked, this was the first time in her entire life that she had ever been hit, the very FIRST time! A red haze crossed her field of vision for just a moment and then the side of her face felt as though it was afire. She was at the same time humiliated and petrified. No one had EVER been mean to her, she was always the cutest girl in the family, among her friends, even at school, everyone adored her, liked her,....treasured her. Even though her Daddy did some nasty things with her it was not as though he had forced her, she allowed him to, because she loved him, not because she was scared or afraid of him.

Cindy did not know what to do, there has no place to run to or hind in, she was alone with this women, who was much bigger then she was, in fact this women looked as strong or stronger then her dad. Finally she swallowed hard and whimpered out, "I'm sorry Mama."

Smiling a cruel smile, the stranger stroked the side of Cindy's beet red cheek and whispered, "That's a good little girl, I knew you would make Mama happy, I'm glad because I would hate to punish such a pretty little girl,.... now lets stand up and take our nice skirt off, okay?"

Hesitantly but obediently Cindy got up and unclasped the catch at the side of the garment, let down the short zipper and watched as the skirt fluttered to the floor, pooling around her ankles.

The women continued to sit, her eyes level with Cindy's panty clad loins. A glow of excitement crept into her eyes as she feasted on the seductive sight of Cindy's girlish charms covered only by the thinly stretched fabric of the youngsters undies. The panties clung to every curve, nook and cranny, revealing the outline of her young cunt cleaved in two by the separation of her deep set little- girl crease, and showing off the firm tiny half-moons of her rear end.

The dark clad women licked her lips,.... this one was sweet, prime stuff,... ready for her special talents of domination and control, not to mention a touch of corporal punishment.

Her mouth suddenly dry with desire, the women reached around to hold and fondle Cindy's shapely ass through her cute little panties, licked her lips and managed to whisper, "Give Mama a nice kiss Babycakes,....on the lips now and then tell her you love her."

Cindy tried to pull back but she could feel herself being pulled forward from behind,.... closer and closer to this hideous person. She could feel the woman's fingers digging into the flesh of her bottom, her thumbs pressing painfully into the muscle. Cindy did not know what to do, looking wildly around there was no one, nothing, just her and this monster!!!

Slowly the space between their faces closed, there was no way she could avoid the contact and her felt the stranger's lips on her, soft lips that moved open, in turn opening her lips too, which were pressed tight against them. Then a long probing tongue snaked deep into her mouth, exploring, caressing her tongue,...even more intimately then her father's ever had!

The little girl tried to pretend that this was not happening, it was all a bad dream, ugghhhhh, how could she kiss a women. She was not stupid, she knew this was no friendly kiss, this was a kiss like her father gave her, a nasty kiss, she shuddered to think this terrifying witch might even want to touch her,...on her private parts.

Pulling back momentarily, the women looked Cindy in the eye. Holding her securely by her girlishly thin hips she caught her breath,... she wanted this young girl, she had to have her,.... totally. "You have two choices Babycakes, let me spell them out for you. Did you see all those men upstairs, well there are ten of them and everyone of them wants to fuck you, all of them,...tonight, with their big fat dicks, they want to sweat on you and fuck your face and your pussy and maybe even your asshole. If I take you up stairs that's what will happen, and your Daddy will not be able to help you, he's ahhhh, busy, playing,.... with my daughters. Or, can stay with me. I like young girls, especially very pretty ones just like you. I can teach you a whole lot, if you let me, and I can be a lot gentler and nicer then those overgrown animals upstairs."

Cindy's mind was in a whirl, she did not know what to do, the thought of kissing another female was repugnant, yet she could imagine what was in store for her with those greedy eyed men in the living room above. It was not hard to make a decision, one disgusting experience versus nine or ten. Shuddering she slowly nodded her head yes, and under her breath, in a voice that was barely audible she softly let the words spill out from between her trembling lips, "I,....I,..... I'll stay down here with, ah,....with you."

Grasping the young girl in a bear hug, she pressed her lips to Cindy's while at the same time she let her hand drop down,... moving it between the child's tender thighs and then up so she could possesivly hold Cindy's panty clad little-girl pussy.

"Mama knew you would make the right decision Babycakes, but remember, now you are MINE, all of you,....your mouth, your cute little ass, and particularly your tiny bold pussy,... hold still and let me show you how nice I can be, I love to play with a nice new cunny like yours,...lets see if I can get you hot, just like your Daddy does!"

At first she lightly massaged the tender mound, running her fingers up and down the deep set slit, enjoying the contorts of the girl's developing sex and the texture of the thin little girl panties. With just a bit of coaxing the pre-teenager's clit started to stir, making a nice target for the Women's menstruations. Centering on the tiny love-button, the Women stroked and teased the tender flesh until the undersized organ was erect, like a minuscule phallus, between her thumb and forefinger.

Closing her long sharp finger nail on the super sensitive flesh she pinched the small mound of that her clit made and smiled when Cindy cried out sharply. "Be a GOOD girl for me Babycakes," she warned with a greedy cruel look on her face. "Open nice and wide for me, Mama whats to explore a little,... oh and Baby, let yourself go, I want to see you enjoy this,...getting a little love from another girl won't hurt at all." The Women pressed her lips back upon Cindy's, sucking on her lower lip and then sticking her tongue deep inside her tender mouth, all the while playing with her new found girl-toy,....exploring the pre-teen pussy mound.

Cindy trembled in fear and loathing but she moved her feet several inches apart allowing the Women easier access to her cunt, it was so awful, the women knew just where to touch and probe her, she was getting shivers up and down her back,... her pussy was even a bit wet,....God she HATED this monster!

"It's time to lose the panties Babycakes," the Women announced, as she drew back to give Cindy an opportunity to show how obedient she had become. It was clear that she expected Cindy to remove her last garment herself and she smiled as the child took hold of the waist band and pulled them down and stepped out of the leg holes, leaving herself totally bare and exposed to the homosexual women.

Taking hold of one of Cindy's tender nipples in one hand and cupping her genitals in the other, her middle finger sliding slightly inside Cindy's cunt hole, she asked, "So my little treasure, you think your going to like a WOMAN sexing you?"

In a miserable but defiant voice Cindy responded, her voice getting lounder and louder, "NO!!! Get away from me, get your dirty filthy hands off me. I HATE you, I'm not a QUEER like you, I'm a good girl,.... I can't let you, I can't. Please don't,...PLEASE,....I'm not going to let you touch me, I'd rather die first!!!!"

The Women reacted as though she had been slapped in the face, she was furious, her lips forming a nasty snear. "YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT,...YOU SLUT, YOU FUCKING CHILD-WHORE!!!!!!! You incestuous nothing you! You scum, can't wait to let some shithead male stick his fat hot dick in your pint sized cunt, use your hot little body,...and let him pump his sickening sperm in you. So don't think your so good and precious, I know who you are and what you are,...nothing but a little-girl slut-bitch, to be used by any male for his pleasure."

Suddenly the Women reached down under the bed and brought out a black collar. Grabing Cindy, she twisted her arm behind her back and then placed the thick black collar around Cindy's tiny delicate neck. Cindy froze, it was A DOG COLLAR!

"I thought this might be your reaction, I tried to be nice to you, see if you desired my affection, but you have ruined it, well I have a little surprise for you Babycakes. Since you don't want a WOMEN to touch you,... your so good, too good for the likes of ME,... then maybe a NICE BIG JUICY COCK is what you need!"

Thrown to the bed, the terrified girl lay still as the Women rushed out of the room,....... and returned moments latter, tugging on a long leash,.... one that was attached to a large doberman that she was draging into the room, in the other hand she held a doubled up belt!!!

Cindy's eyes widened in shock! The animal was HUGH and she could see a the dog's big red penis hanging down between it's hind legs, it was dripping some liquid white fluid as it swayed back and forth,....growing longer and longer as it sniffed the air and locked eyes with her!!!

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