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Hi and welcome to Here you will find some excellent stories about rape fantasies.

All stories is Male+Female and some Female+Female.


2004-09-11 New address:
& new email

2004-03-18 Hello Everybody, I got 2 new stories sent in by Jaz and Boredathome. I haven't had the time to read them thru myself so hope they are what we all are looking for, the ultimate trip.
Looking forward to see the rest of that series Jaz!
Send in more stories at me at
Enjoy your springtime! Cuz I Will Do!

2004-02-13 It's been almost exact 2 years ago I updated this site. still has about 400 unique visitors a day, so I thought it needed some more and new stories, so if you have some, your own creatures or not, please mail them to me (just as plain text in the email, I wont open any attached files!)

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Rape Stories
I=Incest and
=Means that I (the webmaster) likes it.

Title, author, info, size
Elf Rape by Boredathome, 14 K
Dark Coercion #1: Grade "A" Pussymeat by Jaz, 47 K
Megan's Story by Jaz1701, 37 K
My Ex-wife's Best Friend by Unknown, 7 K
I'm not a Rapist... Well not Really by Jaz1701, 39 K
Captured by Unknown, 7 K
Caught Part 1 by Unknown, 17 K
Caught Part 2 by Unknown, 15 K
Caught Part 3 by Unknown, 15 K
Caught Part 4 by Unknown, 14 K
Caught Part 5 by Unknown, 15 K
Caught Part 6 by Unknown, 17 K
Caught Part 7 by Unknown, 14 K
Chet by Unknown, K
Sequel to: Cindy's Torment by Unknown, K
Ten Dollar Fine by Wollstonecraft, MF Y, 16 K
Two Short Stories by Wildthing, MF GR Y, 10 K
A Bad Date by Sacroego2, MF, 30 K
A Farm Girls Life by Unknown, MF Y, 33 K
A Night On The Town by Red Rover (18 K)
A Walk In The Park by Caroline Bassitte (7 K)
Abby Gets Pulled Over by The Warthog (31 K)
Abducting the Bride by Black Demon (23 K)
Accounts Payable by Lester Izmoore, 18 K
Acting Out by Virginia Plain (19 K)
After The Party, Party by Unknown (9 K)
All Night Long by Unknown (36 K)
All Of Me by Unknown (46 K)
Amanda B's Daddy by Unknown (14 K)
Annette In Agony by Dean A. Voelker (18 K)
Any Other Way by L. Corvidae (20 K)
The Attack On Shannen by Unknown (12 K)
Attacked by Redragon (13 K)
Awful Day by Unknown (19 K)
Avril by Unknown, 24 K
The Bad Seed by Unknown (14 K)
Bangkok Baby by Eros (49 K)
Bar Non by Unknown, 52 K
Bar None by Unknown, 46 K
A Bedtime Story For Timmy by Unknown, MF FF Y, 15 K
Bedtime Thoughts by Unknown (10 K)
Bikers by Unknown (26 K)
Bikini Model Gang Rape by Unknown (15 K)
Black Rape by The Best (22 K)
Blackmail by Wotan, MF Y FF GR, 16 K
Blowjob by Unknown, MF, 8 K
The Brady Bunch Part 1 by Unknown, 15 K
The Brady Bunch Part 2 by Unknown, 10 K
Brenda's Story by Unknown, 9 K
Bride Rape by Unknown (5 K)
Bus Stop Rape by Dark Dreamer (26 K)
Candace's Education by Unknown (27 K)
Captured by Ca. H. (33 K)
Captured Family by Unknown (44 K)
Cheerleader Gets Circed by Unknown (11 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 1 by James Dawson (6 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 2 by James Dawson (25 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 3 by James Dawson (20 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 4 by James Dawson (28 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 5 by James Dawson (32 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 6 by James Dawson (30 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 7 by James Dawson (38 K)
Cheerleaders Torment 8 by James Dawson (16 K)
Christmas Carol by Mark E. Dassad, 36 K
Customs by The StoryMaster (101 K)
Daisy, Daisy by V.P. Viddler (19 K)
Death by Passion by Stalker (34 K)
The Debt Part 1 by Wiley06 (38 K)
The Debt Part 2 by Wiley06 (34 K)
The Diaries of the Baron von Kroger by Innocentia (19 K)
Doctor's Orders by Parker (48 K)
False Arrest by Insomnia (11 K)
Fantasy by Wiley06 (10 K)
Fearful Desires by Regina Michelle (15 K)
Forced Encounter by Unknown (21 K)
The Frat Party by Unknown (30 K)
Full Circle by Unknown (29 K)
Gangrape by Unknown (45 K)
Garage Rape by Dark Dreamer (23 K)
Getaway by Dark Side (13 K)
The Gift by Unknown (33 K)
Gone Fishin by Unknown (17 K)
Haunted House by Tom Grady (18 K)
Hot Tub by Red Rover, MF, 11 K
Hounded Into Submission by Unknown, 28 K
Housesitting by Jenn Till (27 K)
Jodie Meets the Arkansas Black Snake by Arc Light (32 K)
Kathy Looses Her Virginity by Kathy (7 K)
Kim's Rapist by PhantomStar (11 K)
Melissa Learns Her Lesson by Dan the Man (21 K)
My First Time: DATERAPE by Unknown (10 K)
New York, New York by Stephanie Black (16 K)
Nightmare by Blackwind (75 K)
The Ordeal by Mike and Mary Downs (26 K)
Ordeal in Turkey by Unknown (10 K)
The Outlaws by Southern Belle (25 K)
The Plumber by Dark Dreamer (20 K)
Pretty Little Girlie by Imma Scared (20 K)
Rape in a Phone Booth by Unknown (17 K)
Rape In The Mall by Unknown (9 K)
Rape of Lisa by Wotan, MF Y I, 33 K
Rape on a Diamond by Sabrina (7 K)
Raped Teenage Gymnast by Dean A. Voelker (23 K)
Raping Amy by Wiley06 (26 K)
Sister Rape by Thunder (15 K)
The Slave by Doorknob (31 K)
Southern Nightmare by Unknown (22 K)
Spanish Fly by Unknown (16 K)
Surprise Visit by G.M. Torrey (54 K)
Taken Hostage by Insomnia (19 K)
Taking Pictures by Jan Lundstrum (16 K)
The Teacher's Lesson by Unknown, 47 K
The Torture Of Jenny McCarthy by Dean A. Voelker (19 K)
Traded Part 1 by Unknown, 30 K
Traded Part 2 by Unknown, 30 K
Training Billie Jean by Unknown (49 K)
Wife's First Time by Wotan, 57 K

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